This is our story

lisaI worked for a dentist for 15 years.  Same routine, same schedule, same pay!  One day, I decided I needed to make my dreams come true, instead of my employer's!  So I created Brain Freeze Shave Ice!  Not only did I want to work for myself, I wanted to give back to the community where I was raised.  Therefore, I decided to give back 20% to schools, churches, walk for cancer, baseball, football, soccer, etc...

It is a great pleasure and honor to help any non-profit and youth sports to fulfull their dreams, and mine.

Brain Freeze has over 32 flavors, made fresh daily.  I've refined my syrups to have less sugar and more flavor.  Signature creations are one of my specialties.

Sharkbite, strawberry shortcake, or my favorite "creamsycle" (A child hood treat of mine)  The creamsycle has ice cream on the bottom with a snow cap drizzle.  It is simply to die for!

Another favorite, the "rootbeer float" always flies out the window!

All creations can add ice cream and snow cap (drizzled condense cream).  The combinations are endless!  

So bring your imagination and let me create a custom treat you are sure to enjoy!